Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Meeting with the Mentor

My google summer of code has officially started on the 9th of June.

Last week Tuesday I met up with my mentor in order to discuss the way forward. We looked through the code previous contributors had made to fixing the OS X issue and the changes I had made to the paint engine.

After some cleaning of debug statements and redundant calls we managed to merge the old code with the current state of the master branch. And then the moment...

We launched up Krita expecting a complete disaster, but what it blessed us with was a small green square sitting tranquilly on top of the canvas. What does it mean?

The green square is a token of freedom from the decoration oppression. A green square drawn in full OpenGL 3.2 glory... Ok, admittedly, it wasn't that glorious, but what it really meant was that we were able to perform strokes using the QPainter class while having no support for legacy OpenGL functions.

If you remember from my last post, the main show stopper for the release of instant preview on Mac OS X was that all the decorations would be broken if we did so. The fact that we are now able to make strokes using the same version of OpenGL as we need for instant preview means that slowly we are reclaiming the possibility of switching to OpenGL 3.2 and having both instant preview and decorations.

What's more is that besides the amazing green square we also suddenly found other decorations to be working for the first time on OS X. This is due to me testing my solution on the stroke method of the paint engine. So now every decoration that solely consists of a stroke renders properly.

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