Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Crossing the Threshold to the Special World

In my last post I spoke about how the stroke method of the paint engine was now working properly. Over the past week I have been cleaning up my solution for this and making it ready for extension. The coming week I will extend the solution to many of the other methods in the paint engine (like fill, which is responsible for.. you guessed it.. filling shapes!). Fixing this method should allow a bunch more decorations to work properly.

In other news, last Monday was my final bachelor thesis presentation which was the last thing I had to do for school this year. I managed to graduate with a 9/10 for the whole thesis process and my supervisors were allegedly very happy with me. Now I cross over the threshold of the academic life to the working life of which the first three months will be reserved for Krita.

Today I gathered up all the decorations I could find in Krita and made this table to keep track of what is broken and what is fixed as I will spend the coming weeks extending my solution.

Working - The decoration works perfectly and looks good
Visible - The decoration shows but it looks bad
Not visible - The decoration doesn't crash but we can't see it either
Crashes - The decoration crashes Krita instantly

Looks like there is some work to do, so bye all!

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